Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The style Diaries

Hi little fashionistas, Ok so here's the continuing of my style diaries! I told you I would get cracking with them.... 

Diary Entry 3:

The first evening in Africa, I was absolutely shattered! A 5 hour drive down to London Gatwick, followed by a 10 hour flight and then a 2 hour transfer... well you can imagine how I felt. But did this stop me going out that night in my brand new holiday clothes? Hell NO! I had planned every outfit down to a T and there was no way that one of my dresses was gonna be left out because f a little bit of tiredness. So I drank a large coffee, had a shower, put my face on and I was ready to go...

My Outfit for the night

Dress: Forever 21, £12
Belt: River Island, £7
Necklace: Adorning Ava, £8

I bought this elephant jewelled belt in the River Island sale. I'd seen it months ago and thought how well it would work with my maxis to cinch my waist in, plus I loved the elephant buckle. But I never bought it, hoping it would go into sale. My waiting paid off and indeed it did go into the sale at a very nice price of £7. All things good for those who wait my friend!

Signing out

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