Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I've just set my blog up finally after much deliberating over the usual colours, titles and add ons. So here it is... the finished product. Well a working progress, but working non the less.
 I used to have my own blog at university and gave up blogging as I was pre occupied with partying and my studies (of course)! But I've returned!
I decided to blog again, as we are let's face it a very shallow society and with a recession going on, it isn't as easy to look as beaut as we would want. So I thought I'd start this as a bit of inspiration for ya all out there. Whether it being fashion do's and don'ts, best buys on the high street, customising, baking or cheap beaut tips and secrets. Because when it comes to beauty, I've pretty much tried every thing and a few (a lot) of bad hair results... but on the plus side, tried and tested so you girls don't have to mess it up!
 Anyway, I'm rambling now. Keep updated on my posts and if you want to know how to do a particular beauty/ hair style or a fashion melt down, just comment and I will do a post regarding the problem!
Signing out...