Monday, 9 September 2013

Top 10 Fashion Buys this Autumn/Winter

It's getting closer to Autumn everyday and I can't help but wonder... where has summer gone? The weather's getting cooler, the days shorter and the nights darker, but one things for sure, we can expect great trends for the next couple of months. There are a few key buys that you don't wanna miss out on and will see you straight through to SS14!

1: Ice Pastels

This season, pastels are going to be huuuge, especially dusky pinks. It's nice to see a bit of colour in winter, instead of the typical blacks, greys and greens. 

On the high street, this is a winner! Topshop unique has outdone themselves with this statement overcoat. But, best get moving, as every fashion editor for miles has got their name on the list for it. It will arrive in store in the next couples of weeks, so be on the look out. 

Overcoat in dusky pink

2: Leather

I would be lying if I said I was surprised that leather would be big this winter. Leather is a favourite with the designers. The days are shorter and darkness rules for most the hours, so it is only second nature that designers would include leather for a mysterious, seductive feel to the season. It fits nicely into the punk rebellion trend making it's way into the high street right now. I love this little LBD from Miss Selfridge! It's laser cut with a heart motif etched into the front panel and around the sleeves. It's girly, yet sexy at the same time. At £140, it's steep but worth it. It's out right NOW!!!

Miss selfridge leather LBD

3: Animal Print

The beginnings of aw13 trends are beginning and we are no stranger to this trend. Animal Print was big in ss13 and it only grows in strength for winter. Snakeskin and leopard print seem to take front row of the prints.  My favourites on the high street are: 

Karen Millen Jumper finished with small metallic sequins.
Pencil Skirt from Zara
Metallic animal print dress from Next. Texture makes the dress look expensive. Classic shape.

4: Masculine Tailoring

This isn't everyones cup of tea, but boy is it sexy and dominantly beautiful. Stella Mcartney led the way at fashion week with this trend, which has flourished throughout the high street. We all new Topshop would invent their own masculine suit for us all to get our hands on.

Topshop Lightweight masculine Blazer £120

5: Punk 

We are taking a trip back to the 70's this season with a twist on punk. It's sexy, sleek and of course tartan mad. Anti establishment has leaked into some of the grungy trends this summer, but for winter, it's out in full dark force. Primark has some great pieces this season inspired by Yves Saint Laurent, but at a fraction of the price.

Primark does Punk

6: Houndstooth

Traditionally associated with heritage design, this textile pattern has made a huge comeback and Zara has produced some beautiful pieces to help you nail this trend. 

Zara £39.99

7: Over Sized Everything

we all love a cuddly jumper to snuggle into during the winter months and this year is no exception. But to really pull this off, pair it with a pencil skirt or over a midi dress for a dressier look. 


8: High shine

We saw metallics being paraded through the summer months and winter isn't about to stamp it out. Anything with a sheen or a shine this season is a winner. This little number from H&M gets my thumbs up, nailing three styles in one.... Shiny, Pink and mid length. In store now!

H&M £39.99! Keep it simple with a white cami and oversized cardigan

9: Winter Florals

Usually the norm in the warmer months, florals are breaking into winter also. Bold blues and rich reds will overtake the paler tones from summer. 

10: Mid Length

we've seen a lot of midi dresses and skirts recently, but this is only gaining in momentum. for a long time, mini skirts, mini dresses and short shorts were in, but now short is out. But long doesn't mean frumpy, au contra-ire it can actually be seductive and extremely sexy.  

Topshop £42

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