Monday, 26 August 2013

Journey through Time

Now when it comes to fashion, I love the high street! What could be better than on trend fashion at a price that doesn't bankrupt me. But sometimes... well the high street is that shopped that EVERYONE has the same pieces. I find that I can't go out of my house without seeing someone in the same top or dress or skirt etc... 

So sometimes, hitting the vintage shops isn't just about finding a bargain, it's about finding something individual and different from everyone else. Stepping out of the mould! Ok, yes vintage is huuuuge at the moment and every girl seems to have the high waisted levis shorts and oversized denim jackets, but vintage is so much more than that! There are so many different eras, different periods of time to adopt. My favourites are the roaring 20's and pre and post war! Classic, sexy and unmistakeable! It's good to be different!

I love hitting the vintage sector. It feels like Aladdin's cave, with hidden treasures to find. Full of trinkets, memories and snip its from the past! You never know what you're going to find!I know a lot of people just think it's a heap of junk and "stuff" people don't want, but these items were loved and very much apart of people's lives. Beautiful, loved garments, which could have been worn by the most glamorous of people. What lives did they lead and what journeys have they been through? Yes they're just clothes, but they're full of meaning and stories! And that's what makes them so special and unique!

Crimson lipstick and flicky eye liner

Go all out with your vintage look! Whether it's a victory roll, a deep crimson lippy or a flick of the liquid eye liner! But keep some of your look contemporary by pairing a vintage piece with new vintage inspired pieces. Let's face it... you don't want to look like your Gran now. You just want to take a little bit of the past and combine it with the new. 

victory roll hair do

My own take on the victory roll

Stay tuned to read how I created this 40s hair do! 

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