Friday, 9 August 2013

Safari Style

Style diaries 4:
While I was in Kenya, I went on an adventure. It was a 5 day drive into the Massai Mara national park, on bumpy dirt tracks, no toilets and a desert like heat. Luckily for us, we took a propeller plane, which was only a cheeky 2 hour flight straight past mount Kilimanjaro! WOW!

Mount Kili from the plane

Anyway, the massai village lodge was my home for the next couple of days and as you can imagine... there wasn't exactly a wardrobe, well for that matter, there wasn't even electric at some points of the day! But I improvised and all was good.

Our little house in the country (without eleccy)

I went all out with my outfit choices. Just because I was on a safari in the middle of what looks like the Lion King set doesn't mean I had to look like a carcass. If there was any a time to wear animal prints, large rimmed tribys and camouflage accessories... this was it! 

Rhino Top: River Island £7
Shorts: All saints £45
Bracelets: Primark £2.50
Aviators: Primark £1.50

This was 7am and it was FREEZING hence the shirt buttoned up.

Shirt: H&M £7.99
Hareem pants: Topshop £32
Converse: £45
Frilly Socks: Topshop 3 for £8

Converse and frilly socks are my saviour! 

As I mentioned in my other blogs, I wore my hair in a loose braid or a messy bun. It worked a treat with the wind and heat and even better, it was quick and easy to do at 4am in the morning with no eleccy and only my little torch on my iphone as light. Hardcore!

Loose Hunger games style braid

!!!!Bun Mania!!!!

Keep tuned for my next blogs on my style choices during my evening stay at the Massai village and the adventures we got up to. 

Signing out 

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