Monday, 28 October 2013

My Sister's Choice

Night out on the town, so what does my sister do? Go straight to my wardrobe. but she actually did a great job and I thought the whole look was very classy with a twist of quirkiness.

Dress: All Saints £179
Belt: Miss Selfridge £28
Wedges: River Island £25
Bag: Zara £19.99
Cross Rings: Adorning Ava £3
Club ring: Republic £6
So again, I played photographer and snapped a few pics of her before she went out for a night on the town.
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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Outfit of the Week

The rain has ceased, the sun is out and so am I! 

Outfit of the Week

Pinafore: primark £8
Tee: TKMAXX £7.99
Denim Jacket: Levis £40
Shoes: Topshop £55

Bag: Warehouse £39
Statement ring: Primark £3
Cross ring: Adorning Ava £3

I would usually wear both of the pini straps up, but I didn't want to look to preppy and perfect. I wanted my look to be a bit grungy & slouchy with a hint of sultryness to it.

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Potential Halloween Make up!

I love Halloween!! Okay, it sounds a bit creepy, but it really is one of my fav times of year... nothing beats Christmas, but it's up there! So I spend quite a lot of time trying to perfect my exact look for All Hallows Eve. This year, I have decided to go as a skeleton. I wanted to look different... not dead scary, but not slutty looking either! I wanted my whole look to portray my stylish, quirky side with a hint of creepiness and a slice of sexiness! This is the theatrical make up I have decided to go with... What dya think? I'm not 100% yet, but it's a strong competitor. 

To Get this look: What did I use???
I used the shade "Oil Slick" in my Urban Decay palette for the larger areas that need coverage aka my eye and the slit up my face. To shade the slit up my face, I shaded the dark black with the colour "Polyester Bride" from the Urban Decay palette. It just gives it a bit of depth. The darker fine lines, I used a black liquid eyeliner from Rimmel. It worked a treat. Your actual makeup, you want to keep it quite pale, with definition on your cheek bones. I used a bronzer to really "cut" into them, so they look really hollowed. I also used a really thick eye brow pencil to give a dark, sharp shape.

How to draw the design???
It's really easy to re create this. It's all about being rough and bold... don't worry about messing it up. Basically you want to cover one eye in the eye shadow. It might help if you wet your brush, so the shadow doesn't flake every where. Do the same with the slit. Then use the white colour and shade into the slit. Be really rough and use it as if your shading the colours on your eye lid. The liquid eye liner is quite smudgy, but it doesn't matter if the lines you draw aren't straight, it'll look better if they're not. It's about making an impression not perfection...
Enjoy trying and experimenting with this!!!
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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Snap Snap!

Hi, this is just a quick blog. My sister was heading to the pub, and I just LOVED the little outfit combo she wore. Simple, but stylish. I thought the mustard drape top look extra cool with her chestnut ombred hair. So I quickly grabbed my cam and took a few quick piccies... even though she was running late (sorry heath).

Top: TOPSHOP £22
Jeggings: TOPSHOP £28
Cut out Boots: TOPSHOP £45
Bag: Vintage Mulberry £100
I think this is a great example of how to wear on trend pieces, without going over board with loads of jewellery, makeup and accessories.
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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Outfit of the day

Last Saturday was a perfect Saturday.

Lie in, Bacon Butty, followed by meeting my school besties for coffee and a catch up!  I don't get to see them as much as I would like to, as they're all high flying wonder women. It was really great to seem them all and just be me plus it was the perfect excuse to wear my new blazer and bowler hat.

Here's my little ensemble I ended up wearing!

Dress: Miss Selfridge £28
Boots: Shoetique £25
Jacket: Primark £23
Hat: H&M £7.99
Necklace: Topshop £12.50
Rings: H&M £3.99 for 4
Black Midi: Forever21 £1.69

The owl dress is actually AW12, but I love it so much. It looks great with just a pair of legging and flats for the day or killer high boots for the evening. Plus it's covered in owls...a bonus as I'm slightly obsessed. 

I wore my fav Dior lippy to tie in with the dark mulberry shade of my necklace. I can't help myself. I have to match at least one thing! :)

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Monday, 21 October 2013

For the Love of Minions

It's been my younger sisters birthday recently and as a surprise me and my other sister decided to make her a birthday cake. We thought about it for ages and then my sister thought of the perfect idea! A Despicable me cake! She may be turning 20, but my sister is obsessed with the little minions.


As you know from previous blogs (my serial followers) I can bake and decorate quite well, so I thought why not, let's give it a go!
It only took a couple of hours to make, but me and my sister spent about an hour of that laughing at how cute the minions looked.

                     Here was the finished piece!  

               And we were right, Kim absolutely loved it.....
           In fact, she kept all the little minions off the cake.

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Little bit of Paint goes a long way

Hello lovely readers,

Todays blog is taking a different turn. I've recently been a busy bee, juggling working as an ecommerce fashion assistant, with blogging, writing and sketching a children's book (more on that again) and designing and completing artwork for a local nursery.
I've done a few jobs for the nursery before when it originally first opened. It's such a beautiful nursery with lovely good sized rooms and themes running through out. The room that I was decorating and sprucing up was the crazy crocs room.
I really love painting, I find it so rewarding, especially when it's finished and you see the reaction from everyone. And who doesn't love getting messy with the paint? it's like being back at Primary school :)
I was particularly fond of this mural I completed, so I thought I would share my designs and painting skills with you!




What Do ya reckon?

I do this on the side of my normal career... so if you know anyone that may be interested, email me on:

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

The lost Lanes

After reading a recent blog from the lovely Stephanie ( and her outfit post, I fell in love with the tee she had on...

Only a handful of crazed harry Potter fans will know this!
I absolutely love it and took a peek at the site it was from........
It's an absolute dream! I have my list to Santa Claus written and all he has to do is log on to this site! Easy work!

You really do have to check this site out... it's cool cute and quirky!
Some of it isn't that cheap and they haven't got a huuuge collection, but it's intimate and quality over quantity every time. 
I for one will be a regular customer....
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Coated in Style

It's cold, wet and windy... the worst combination for style. Hair gets flatter, faces get chapped and those cute skirts get put away in the fear of wearing and baring all! I speak from experience... cringe worthy!!!

But just because the weathers miserable, doesn't mean you have to look miserable too. Find a stylish coat you can wear throughout winter that will keep you warm and look super chic at the same time and this year... coats have gone crazy, with all different styles making a come back.

Not sure which one suits you?

Then have a look at the best coats about on the high street! There are different shapes, lengths, textures and thicknesses to suit all!

Double Breasted Pea Coat: £95
Premium wool lined coat: £125
Raw Edge Boyfriend coat: £125
Wool Panel Check coat: £98
Grey Texture Ovoid Coat: £78

                    Overcoats at Topshop
Overcoats are bang on trend this season... rolling straight out of the 80s.
The overcoat just screams quirky, stylish and out there, so it's no surprise that Topshop is leading the way on the high street with these boyfriend style coats. Baggy, oversized and chic and extremely warm!
Above are my top 5, suiting any personality, whether your quite grungy, girly or classic.
There are many more on the website, but these were my fav...
Will this suit me???
The overcoat is large, bulky and long!
If you are petite or have a fuller figure... you might want to stay away from this style... especially small. It will swamp you!

Two Tone Drape Coat: £98
Tokyo Cowl Coat: £98
Short drape coat: £78
Tokyo Cowl Coat: £98
Mini texture Drape Coat: £98
Faux Leather Sleeve Coat: £85
Drape coats are such a slouchy coat, but this season an added belt gives the coat a silhouette and a smarter feel. These coats are so easy to wear with everything. Wear loose for a comfy, casual look or belted for a chic and dressier feel, depending on the occasion. Oasis have the best wrap coats in this year with a great price tag too! 
Will I suit it???
This coat is great for all shapes. If your petite, go for a shorter version to make your legs longer.
If your slight and thin and want to create curves, the drapes will look fuller on your bust and hips and the belt will keep your tum looking tiny.
If your curvy or a fuller figure, wear the belt to accentuate your hour glass figure.
Taller frames can get away with wearing a fuller and longer draped style.

Dirty Wash Parka: £95
Three Way Parka: £100
Clean Parka: £100
Detachable Faux Fur Parka: £90
Parka coats seem to pop up every year. They're a classic casual jacket to be worn everyday. Warehouse haven't let me down. Ever since I can remember I have bought and admired the Parkas in Warehouse. They stay true to the original parka, with an occasional twist. I really like the dirty wash parka (above). It's more fitted with a slither of leather for a sexier and smarter look.
Will it suit me???
The beauty about a parka is that it's all about comfort and very chilled, therefore anyone can pull this off. You can go for a fuller and thicker coat if your slight and a longer hem if you're tall.
Bonded Check Duffle: £85
Barbour Duffle Coat: £339
Bonded Check Duffle Coat: £85
Gloverall slim duffle coat with wool and check lining: £229
Think glamorous Paddington bear! I've rooted for a good duffle coat for a while... something casual but with a hint of glam. As you can imagine, it isn't that easy. But ASOS pulled it out the bag. Now I know a few are a bit pricey... but they'll last and will be extremely warm.
Will I suit it???
If your quite full breasted, then this coat isn't for you. The toggles at the front will pull, giving an unnatural close to the coat. If your short, again keep it short hemmed. Thin, tall ladies (you beautiful creatures) can wear longer and fuller duffles.

Faux Leather Biker Jacket: £55
Boxy Leather Biker: £185
Collarless Leather Biker: £165
Quilted Leather Look jacket: £58
Long line Leather look wool Biker: £75
Now I know leather jackets aren't exactly coats and let's be honest, not the warmest either, but they look great. Whether it's summer or winter, we wear them. Topshop has a really fun and different style collection of leather this season. They may not be the best quality leather, if some are real leather at atll, but you can't argue with the price and style. If you want a high quality leather, then I suggest All saints, but this will set you back a good £400/£500 smackaronnies.
Will it suit me???
YES!!! A leather jacket suits any age, size and shape. Just remember your lengths and that it does up comfortably. No point getting a jacket that looks great fitted when it's open, but too tight when done up.

Military Style Long Trench: £119
Leather Sleeve Trench: £119
Leather Appliques Trench: £199
Mango Belted Trench: £84.90
The trench coat... what a classic. This coat will stand the hands of time and still be as stylish and chic as ever. Mango has a lovely collection this season. Nothing fancy and bold, but great lines and neat cut... quality shines through! The collection is in shades of nudes, tans and creams with a hint of grey and black for a sexier/ edgier feel. Classic tan and cream work best as this never dates.
Will I suit it???
A mac is all about looking smart and clean cut. If you are quite petite, find a length that doesn't completely buries you. It's supposed to look fitted and accentuate your form. With this coat, it doesn't matter what dress size, just make sure it fits well. Fitted, not tight! 
So no matter how cold it is, you can always be coated and draped in style.
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Monday, 14 October 2013

Outfit Transformers

I am absolutely obsessed with jewellery, I even work for a jewellery brand (Adorning Ava... check it out), so you can imagine my excitement at the moment with all the ornate necklaces, the decorative ear cuffs and the opulent rings. 

Fashion jewellery has never been bigger and this season, it just got even bigger! The high street is adorned with rows of shiny jewels and gems, sparkling away... seducing innocent women, trying to save their pounds and pennies! As you can imagine, pennies is all I have left! So after my hunt through the high street this weekend, I thought I would let you in on my favourite pieces that will literally transform your whole way of styling and dressing!

My favourite necklaces!
I am all about the chunky statement collars and necklaces this season. Some are subtler than others, looking delicate and pretty, while others are over powering and proud sitting amongst the smaller styles. I am definitely an over powering and proud kind of gal! The bigger the better in my book!

1. Adorning Ava: £10
3.Topshop: £15.50
4. missselfridge: £14
6.Topshop: £22.50

Quirky with attitude. 
I am a big sucker for unique and kooky pieces of jewellery. I'm not talking about the commercial bird cages and owls, I'm on about the really different pieces that you don't see everywhere. 

3.Forever 21: £2.40
6.Forever 21: £8.90
7.Etsy: £9

Mad about the midis.
There are some really cute midi rings about and I seem to be drawn to the simpler midis, but layered up with chunky rings and on many fingers. It's all about the layering to really rock this.

1.New Look: £7.99
5.H&M: £3.99

Tassling about
Tassles and chains are mahhhuuuusive this season in rose gold and rustic silver shades, whether it tied around your neck like a curtain tie back or jingling from your ears! Definitely a big yes from me!

1.Adorning Ava: £8
3.Topshop: £8
4.Topshop: £15.50
5.Forever 21: £8.90

Ear cuff crazy
Ear cuffs aren't new, but the size and decor has upped it's game. The simple chain cuff has turned into a full dress for your ear! 

3.Miss Selfridge: £8.50

Cocktail Rings
I have always loved and worn cocktail rings and trends this season gives me the chance to wear them and layer them up with other rings too.

1.Topshop: £7.50
2.New Look: £8.99
4.Miss Selfridge: £6.50

Jurassic jewels
This has been carried through from summer, but with more vengeance and attitude. Mini beast accessories are huge. This is trend is probably like Marmite .. love or hate! I personally love, but of course I would, it's different edgy and completely unconventional. LOVE!

3.Topshop: £12.50

If you had to choose... I know they're all fab but IF you REALLY HAD to choose, which do you love?

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

I keep losing weight, but it keeps finding me again

I thought I would take a detour this week from fashion and give you a quick insight into something I seem to be constantly doing... dieting.

I've never been one of these naturally skinny girls, who just seem to look WOW in everything, but I am an average size 10... occasionally a 12 when I decide to munch to my hearts content. 

When it comes to diets... I am a bit of a yoyo dieter, I confess, but I've stumbled across a new diet that I haven't tried and without sounding like a cheese ball, it really worked. I dunno if any of you have heard about it, but it's called the Military Diet. It's not as scary as it sounds and the best bit is it's only three days long. You'll all have heard of the 5:2 diet: well it's similar in a lot of ways, but stricter. You have to follow it exactly... no cheating or it won't work. 

I was a little sceptical at first... espesh when it says results up to 10lb weight loss. So I thought, what the heck, it's only three days. Me and my friend did it together (it helps if you have support) and although it was tough, I did lose 4lb. 

So... here's a breakdown of what I ate!

Day 1: 

Black Tea
Chunky Peanut butter (substitue sunflower spread) on wholemeal toast
half a Grapefruit (supstitue orange)

1 slice of wholemeal toast
1/2 cup of tuna.... we worked it out as 3/4 of a tin of tuna

Green Beans 
1 ounce of any meat... Chicken is the best as it's lean.

1 small Apple
1/2 a Banana 
1 cup of vanilla ice cream. 

Drinks: water! 

Day 2:

1 slice of wholemeal toast
1 egg, cooked however you like
1/2 Banana ( I chose to save mine for later)

4 crackers
1 boiled egg
1 cup of cottage cheese (substitute 1 slice of cheddar)

1/2 cup of carrots
1 cup of broccoli
2 hot dogs (no bread)

1/2 a cup of ice cream
(my saved banana)

Drinks: Water!

Day 3: 

4 crackers
Small apple (half a large)
1 slice of cheddar cheese (substitute a cup of cottage cheese)

1 slice of wholemeal toast
1 egg, cooked however

1 cup of tuna

1 cup of ice cream
1/2 a banana

Drinks: Water!!!

If you're like me and NEED your caffeine... you can have black coffee or tea. Ok it's not as nice and fulfilling  but it does the job.I had to do this pretty much straight away, as I was getting headaches.

ahhhh that's better!!!!

It seems quite strange the different types of food, but it's something to do with digestion and these foods work together. But all that matters is it works. The other 4 days of the week, you can eat normal (not over eat) and then do this every the other remaining three days. :)

It's especially good if you have a party or a holiday and you just want to shed a couple pounds. Try it an see what you think?

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Septembers finests!

I thought I would start a new blog post at the beginning of every month, recapping my fav outfits, beauty products and loves from over the previous month.

September's best buys

I've had quite a few cheeky shopping sprees last month... too many to blog about them all. So here's a quick review on my new recruits joining the wardrobe camp this season!

1. Dungarees!
I've wanted a pair of black dunagrees with a tailored fit for a while, so when I saw this sexy number in forever21 for £27, I couldn't resist. 

2. Black midi ring!
Another forever21 special, costing £1.65. When I got to the till to buy my dungarees, I couldn't not buy this bargain. It's really cute and quirky and I haven't had it off my finger since. 

3. Gray Beanie!
I love the whole urban street look and anyone who is anyone seems to have a beanie this season, so I thought what the heck, go for it. At £3.99 from H&M... happy days. I haven't actually worn it yet, I'm saving it for the weather to get colder. 

4. Pointy strappy stilettos!
Black with a gold trim, they are my statement classy shoes that I've worn every time I've gone out partying. They're not exactly the comfiest of heels, but by god, they look so stylish and professional looking. £25.99 from New Look!

5. Bobbi Brown Eye liner
This cost me a whopping £22 for the gel eye liner and £22 for the brush, but it's absolutely worth it. I thought I would try and be sparing with it, but it goes on so easily and really finishes off my look, that I've ended up wearing it practically every day.

6. Kate Moss Rimmel Rouge Lipstick!
It was an impulse last minute buy. I needed a red lippy for a night out, and to be honest I just bought it without even trying it on. It's actually really lovely and stays on all night with just a few touch ups, but nothing major. Best red lippy I've ever had! 

Favourite Outfits

I've been out a few times this month for best friend engagements, weddings and birthday cocktails, but my favourite outfit out of all was this!


Skirt: Topshop AW11
Striped Top: Topshop £25
Necklace: AdorningAva £8

I can't wait to see what this months high street has for me and to let you all know my new pieces... if I haven't bankrupt myself!

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