Thursday, 8 August 2013

New Goodies

Hi, Just a quick post...

I've been on a little shopping spree today to top up my makeup essentials, as they're running low. I usually use a collection of Estee Lauder, YSL, and MAC. But as I'm not exactly a millionaire after my recent extravagant travels, soooo I thought I would test and review some other cheaper products and give you the low down!

New Goodies

Blusher: Max Factor, colour 223 natural glow. aka Rose pink! £5.99

Transluscent eyebrow highlighte: Rimmel, colour 100 glam ice. aka white £3.99

Bronzer: seventeen, colour light bronze £4.99

Concealer: 17, colour medium dark. £3.99

Eye brow pencil: Maybeline, colour soft brown. £2.99

After spending a good hour testing different brands, colours and prices in boots, I came out with these products. I'm gonna give them a try over the next week and see how they measure up. 

Follow me to hear the next instalment next week about the quality of these products, how they look and how they cpmpare to my other expensive brands I normally use!

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