Tuesday, 20 August 2013

BEY utifull...

When it comes to festivals, concerts, and gigs, I have seen some absolute belters... Spice girls, Oasis, Take that, Robbie, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake etc.. but no one has performed like BEYONCE! What a woman! She is an inspiration for all women. Classy, beautiful, sexy and stylish. Everything you should aspire to be! 

She had 5 costume changes, each one more beautiful than the last. Sequins, embellishment, glitz and glamour! After only just getting her hair cut off, she showed up with a full set of extensions in, shaped into a sleek bob. We all had a sneaky suspicion this would happen. How could she be Sascha fierce without her iconic mane.I got goosebumps watching her and so emotional that I actually shed a few tears.

The last outfit of the evening!

There has been a back lash about her being late on stage, banning her performance on channel 4 and shouting at fans for filming her. She was 20 minutes late, but due to technical faults, unlike other artists that are 2/3 hours late because they're drunk or stoned? She didn't cut the show short, so played later, which others wouldn't do. And as for her shouting at fans not to film her? This is absolute rubbish! She only had lovely things to say to her fans!

After the most amazing performance of beautiful melodys, key perfect balads and intense dancing, the star worked up a big appetite and spent a wopping £1500 on Nandos, the equivalent of 2000 chicken chicken wings! That's a lot of chicken Bey! But no one looks like Beyonce by eating all that chicken...needless to say she shared all the chicken with her entourage and put Nandos out of business for chicken wings all night! Talk about going all out!

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