Monday, 2 September 2013

Miss Dior

I cannot get enough of my new perfume. When it comes to perfume, I love the sweet, seductive tones, rather than the musks and woody ones and this fragrance is no different.  

There are so many different editions of Miss Dior, but the classic is my fav.

The Accords:

Warm Spice

In 2012 the house of Dior renamed their Miss Dior Cherie Perfume (the original Miss Dior Cherie was launched in 2005) as MISS DIOR. This doesn't have any similarity to the original Miss Dior from 1947. In March earlier this year, the new MISS DIOR Eau De Toilette joined the collection aka my new fragrance.

The fragrance is romantic and feminine, which is everything Christian Dior stood for. The fragrance has fresh tones of Tunisian Neroli oil, but the heart of the perfume combines Bulgarian and Turkish roses. Base notes are Indonesian patchouli.

The face of the new fragrance is Natalie Portman, photographed by Tim Walker. Natalie wears a dress designed by Raf Simons that is a modern take of the famous original Miss Dior dress from 1944. 

Version on the original MISS DIOR Dress

The original MISS DIOR Dresss

I have had the pleasure of seeing for myself this beautiful creation in the V&A special exhibition. Nothing compares to the original, but the newly influenced dress created by raf Simons keeps true to the form and idea of the original.
I have a true love of the original Christian Dior collections and the man himself, so this perfume isn't just about smelling sweet, it embodies the fashion desires of Dior himself.
The man himself

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