Thursday, 15 August 2013

Hidden Gems

Not everyone is a fan of Primark and I have to say, I have my moments where I think WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? But today... well liked is not the word! The new collections for aw13 were in and in abundance. The accessories were by far the best! So what actually was supposed to be a quick trip for welly socks for V fest (stay tuned for that post) ended up being a quite expensive adventure. 

But how could you turn these little gems down????

As you may be aware from previous blogs, I L.O.V.E frilly socks, so you can imagine my excitement when I came across the new pairs in shades of fallen leaves and quirky patterns! I ended up buying 3 frilly fancies, which was a struggle considering originally I had at least 7 pairs in my hands! After some conflicting feelings, I put the other 4 pairs back(reluctantly).

A cheeky bargain I stumbled across while rooting through the sale section! Great Gatsby Eat your heart out!

<3 Great Gatsby inspired Clutch with a long chain handle <3

I could not believe this was only a tenner! This is going to be worn A LOT over the Winter months! They probably won't have these in stock for long, so if you like... better get moving! A definite statement piece!!!

Primark, you have well and truly outdone yourself... keep it up!

Signing out

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