Thursday, 3 October 2013

Septembers finests!

I thought I would start a new blog post at the beginning of every month, recapping my fav outfits, beauty products and loves from over the previous month.

September's best buys

I've had quite a few cheeky shopping sprees last month... too many to blog about them all. So here's a quick review on my new recruits joining the wardrobe camp this season!

1. Dungarees!
I've wanted a pair of black dunagrees with a tailored fit for a while, so when I saw this sexy number in forever21 for £27, I couldn't resist. 

2. Black midi ring!
Another forever21 special, costing £1.65. When I got to the till to buy my dungarees, I couldn't not buy this bargain. It's really cute and quirky and I haven't had it off my finger since. 

3. Gray Beanie!
I love the whole urban street look and anyone who is anyone seems to have a beanie this season, so I thought what the heck, go for it. At £3.99 from H&M... happy days. I haven't actually worn it yet, I'm saving it for the weather to get colder. 

4. Pointy strappy stilettos!
Black with a gold trim, they are my statement classy shoes that I've worn every time I've gone out partying. They're not exactly the comfiest of heels, but by god, they look so stylish and professional looking. £25.99 from New Look!

5. Bobbi Brown Eye liner
This cost me a whopping £22 for the gel eye liner and £22 for the brush, but it's absolutely worth it. I thought I would try and be sparing with it, but it goes on so easily and really finishes off my look, that I've ended up wearing it practically every day.

6. Kate Moss Rimmel Rouge Lipstick!
It was an impulse last minute buy. I needed a red lippy for a night out, and to be honest I just bought it without even trying it on. It's actually really lovely and stays on all night with just a few touch ups, but nothing major. Best red lippy I've ever had! 

Favourite Outfits

I've been out a few times this month for best friend engagements, weddings and birthday cocktails, but my favourite outfit out of all was this!


Skirt: Topshop AW11
Striped Top: Topshop £25
Necklace: AdorningAva £8

I can't wait to see what this months high street has for me and to let you all know my new pieces... if I haven't bankrupt myself!

Signing out

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