Monday, 23 September 2013

I love a man in a leather

David Beckham has turned heads this week in London when he launched the new Belstaff store and was quite at home amongst kings of the bikers.

Beckham has always had alove of bikes, but obviously he has never rode them. Such a hobby would never be allowed in the footballing world in fear of an accident or injury. But now the footy has ceased, he is free to ride them to his hearts content. 

David looked all the part... Marlon Brando-esque in his biker jacket and a definite Bonus to all the glitz and glamour of London Fashion Week.

So, not the normal blog I usually post, but who can resist that angelic face and let's face it any excuse to see Mr Beckham girls!

signing out


  1. PHWOAR! Me too ;) I've just bought my boyfriend a leather jacket for Xmas! x

    1. yeah can't get enough of a boy in leather... spesh becks