Thursday, 24 October 2013

Potential Halloween Make up!

I love Halloween!! Okay, it sounds a bit creepy, but it really is one of my fav times of year... nothing beats Christmas, but it's up there! So I spend quite a lot of time trying to perfect my exact look for All Hallows Eve. This year, I have decided to go as a skeleton. I wanted to look different... not dead scary, but not slutty looking either! I wanted my whole look to portray my stylish, quirky side with a hint of creepiness and a slice of sexiness! This is the theatrical make up I have decided to go with... What dya think? I'm not 100% yet, but it's a strong competitor. 

To Get this look: What did I use???
I used the shade "Oil Slick" in my Urban Decay palette for the larger areas that need coverage aka my eye and the slit up my face. To shade the slit up my face, I shaded the dark black with the colour "Polyester Bride" from the Urban Decay palette. It just gives it a bit of depth. The darker fine lines, I used a black liquid eyeliner from Rimmel. It worked a treat. Your actual makeup, you want to keep it quite pale, with definition on your cheek bones. I used a bronzer to really "cut" into them, so they look really hollowed. I also used a really thick eye brow pencil to give a dark, sharp shape.

How to draw the design???
It's really easy to re create this. It's all about being rough and bold... don't worry about messing it up. Basically you want to cover one eye in the eye shadow. It might help if you wet your brush, so the shadow doesn't flake every where. Do the same with the slit. Then use the white colour and shade into the slit. Be really rough and use it as if your shading the colours on your eye lid. The liquid eye liner is quite smudgy, but it doesn't matter if the lines you draw aren't straight, it'll look better if they're not. It's about making an impression not perfection...
Enjoy trying and experimenting with this!!!
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  1. Is it weird that I think you look really cute!? It's such an awesome design though, I'd never be able to re-create it!

    Tara xo