Monday, 14 October 2013

Outfit Transformers

I am absolutely obsessed with jewellery, I even work for a jewellery brand (Adorning Ava... check it out), so you can imagine my excitement at the moment with all the ornate necklaces, the decorative ear cuffs and the opulent rings. 

Fashion jewellery has never been bigger and this season, it just got even bigger! The high street is adorned with rows of shiny jewels and gems, sparkling away... seducing innocent women, trying to save their pounds and pennies! As you can imagine, pennies is all I have left! So after my hunt through the high street this weekend, I thought I would let you in on my favourite pieces that will literally transform your whole way of styling and dressing!

My favourite necklaces!
I am all about the chunky statement collars and necklaces this season. Some are subtler than others, looking delicate and pretty, while others are over powering and proud sitting amongst the smaller styles. I am definitely an over powering and proud kind of gal! The bigger the better in my book!

1. Adorning Ava: £10
3.Topshop: £15.50
4. missselfridge: £14
6.Topshop: £22.50

Quirky with attitude. 
I am a big sucker for unique and kooky pieces of jewellery. I'm not talking about the commercial bird cages and owls, I'm on about the really different pieces that you don't see everywhere. 

3.Forever 21: £2.40
6.Forever 21: £8.90
7.Etsy: £9

Mad about the midis.
There are some really cute midi rings about and I seem to be drawn to the simpler midis, but layered up with chunky rings and on many fingers. It's all about the layering to really rock this.

1.New Look: £7.99
5.H&M: £3.99

Tassling about
Tassles and chains are mahhhuuuusive this season in rose gold and rustic silver shades, whether it tied around your neck like a curtain tie back or jingling from your ears! Definitely a big yes from me!

1.Adorning Ava: £8
3.Topshop: £8
4.Topshop: £15.50
5.Forever 21: £8.90

Ear cuff crazy
Ear cuffs aren't new, but the size and decor has upped it's game. The simple chain cuff has turned into a full dress for your ear! 

3.Miss Selfridge: £8.50

Cocktail Rings
I have always loved and worn cocktail rings and trends this season gives me the chance to wear them and layer them up with other rings too.

1.Topshop: £7.50
2.New Look: £8.99
4.Miss Selfridge: £6.50

Jurassic jewels
This has been carried through from summer, but with more vengeance and attitude. Mini beast accessories are huge. This is trend is probably like Marmite .. love or hate! I personally love, but of course I would, it's different edgy and completely unconventional. LOVE!

3.Topshop: £12.50

If you had to choose... I know they're all fab but IF you REALLY HAD to choose, which do you love?

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  1. I like the Topshop statement necklace and THAT Urban Outfitters globe watch. I can't work it if it's the same one they stocked last year or the nicer American version. I need to go instore and inspect it, the map was a bit fuzzy on the old one. <3

    Tara xo