Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Little bit of Paint goes a long way

Hello lovely readers,

Todays blog is taking a different turn. I've recently been a busy bee, juggling working as an ecommerce fashion assistant, with blogging, writing and sketching a children's book (more on that again) and designing and completing artwork for a local nursery.
I've done a few jobs for the nursery before when it originally first opened. It's such a beautiful nursery with lovely good sized rooms and themes running through out. The room that I was decorating and sprucing up was the crazy crocs room.
I really love painting, I find it so rewarding, especially when it's finished and you see the reaction from everyone. And who doesn't love getting messy with the paint? it's like being back at Primary school :)
I was particularly fond of this mural I completed, so I thought I would share my designs and painting skills with you!




What Do ya reckon?

I do this on the side of my normal career... so if you know anyone that may be interested, email me on:

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  1. Love this! So talented... I bet loads of young families would love this for their kids bedrooms! x