Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The London Diaries Day 1.... Part 2

We got back to the hotel for 4pm, ready to start getting ready for the big night out.... NYE! 

I was extremely excited to see the fireworks, as this is one of the things on my bucket list to do before I die... tick! 

The weather was horrific, cold, wet and windy, but nothing could dampen our spirits. We didn't have to wait in the masses of tourists that had flocked to Westminster at midday to get a good spot to watch the fireworks. We were going on a booze cruise down the thames... woop woop! 

                    My Outfit:                
Dress: Forever21 £25
Shoes: River Island £30

Heathers Outfit:
Dress: Miss Selfridge £35
Shoes: Topshop £55

We ended up wearing tights in the end, as it was just too cold not to, plus we couldnn';t fake tan, as the rain would have just washed it off! Better pale, than splodgy and patchy.


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  1. Love both outfits!! You both look beautiful :) lovely!
    Ava xox