Wednesday, 15 January 2014

London Diaries Day 2

After a lovely first day in London, I was surprised that I didn't feel too hungover. We headed to Notting Hill for some brunch and a little peak down Portobello Road. 


Oversized Tee Dress: Missguided £15.99
Chelsea Boots: Primark £10
Frilly Socks: Primark £1.50
Beanie Hat: Primark £3.00




I love Portobello road. There really were some kooky shops full of vintage trinkets and unusual items. 

Apart from the torrential rain and storms, getting completely soaked and finding out the Notting Hill bench doesn't actually exist, the day was perfect. If you're thinking of heading there, you have to visit the rustic cafe where we had brunch. It is literally a minute walk up from the underground. 

Signing out 




  1. Lovely outfit! Great style :) Fabulous post and Blog :D
    Ava xox