Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christmas Gifts

Helllloooo lovely ladies and a Happy New Year to you all! 

Well, I am a tad behind on the blog front, which I apologise for, but it has been a crazy few weeks, what with work, making gifts, christmas, parties, a trip to London, New year and starting a new job. 

But the main thing is, I'm here now and with a vast amount of blogs to catch up on coming your way! 

I think I will start with CHRISTMAS! Did everyone have a gooden? I especially did, the festive fever in our house is crazy! So anyway, Christmas morning, I wake up to find that at the end of my bed, there is a sack, yes a sack full of beauty products! Father Christmas done good!

The sack was filled with lots of goodies, inclusing Christmas PJs and slippers, which I immediately put on! It turned out that Santa had also left matching slippers for my sisters and mum too. 

Christmas jammis

My Faves:

Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner!
Tan Mitt
Dry Shampoo
Nail Polish: Rimmel, Pink Sparkle Dust
Hair spray

After the opening of the sacks, it was time to go downstairs to open all my pressies! I admit, I am an actual child at Christmas!!!

excuse the tired, face with no make up!

I got some absolutely beautiful things....

chelsea boots
heeled cut out ankle boots
over sized jumpers
lace dress
levis jeans
jersey dress
elle mcpherson lingerie
hollister cardigans
jack wills shirts
floral high waisted shorts
pleated leather skirt
graphic tees
bobbi brown make up
And loaaaads more, including a three night stay in the strand hotel and booze cruise to LONDON!

Stay tuned for more! Outfit posts, Christmas outings and London heading your way!

Signing out



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