Wednesday, 15 January 2014

London Dairies Day 2.... Part 2



Dungarees: Forever21 £27.99
Tee: Miss Selfridge £25
Necklace: Primark £8

The ice bar is literally the coolest place I've been, literally. Everything in the room was made of ice, including the glasses you drink from. It's situated just down a road behind Reagent Street, and surrounded by an abundance of restaurants and chic lively bars. The Ice bar is a must. It's £13 for 40 minutes and a free cocktail. Ok, I know 40 minutes doesn't sound a long time, but it's freezing in there and even though you're dressed in a thick quilted poncho and eskimo mitts, you are ready to leave and head to warmer territory. But definitely a great experience!

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  1. I love your outfit! The ice bar sounds so cool :)