Thursday, 12 September 2013

Revealing of Rihanna

It's here... the day we were all waiting for.... getting our hands on the new Rihanna collection at River Island. I am pleased to now share with you my fav pieces and the definite pieces that will be hanging in my wardrobe this season. 

The Occult Print Tshirt dress


This is already sold out online. You have to be quick if you want this beaut dress. I think you'll agree... very Mary Katrantzu.

 Dark Wash Denim Boyfriend jeans.


Slouchy, yet sexy paired with a tank or bralet and stiletto strappys. 
Urban feel with a hint of demure and attitude.

They have that cool Rihanna vibe going on... plus they look amazzzingly comfy.

Khaki Camo Leather shorts


C'mon, we all knew Ri was never goona bring out quiet and conservative. Raunchy and wowzarooney... YES!
And these camo leather hot pants are definately have the wow factor. 

What I love about them, is that I would wear them in the day with oversized knitwear, tights and trainers...maybe a beanie too. 
Or wedges, vest and a clutch... your choice.

G4Life Barely There Sandals


I am literally in love with these girls. Only Rihanna could turn a simply classic strappy into a pumped up urban killers. 

What can I say?


Faux Fur Rucksack


I am a little made for ruckies at the mo, and this bad boy is no exception. With graffiti straps and a soft to touch fabric and fur like texture, It ticks all the boxes. 

So, I don't know about you, but I'm marching down to River Island to get me some of these, before I miss out. Fav Piece? It HAS to be all the pieces in the black and white occult pattern. It's such a cool, yet sophisticated pattern that really is versatile. 

Well done Riri.... you've done us proud

Signing out


  1. When I read the first paragraph I was all excited because I thought I missed a RiRi/H&M collabo haha. Those shoes are awesome, wish I could walk in them!

    Tara xo

  2. I know, but it probably won't stop me buying them anyway

    becky x