Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A Christmas Weekend in the Country

It's that time of year, when the city gets busy, full of people Christmas shopping, pushing and shoving. As I live pretty much next to the Trafford Centre, It is literally a nightmare. It takes about an hour to get out of the road, especially at weekends. It's wayyyyy too much to handle. So I decided to get away for the weekend to The lake District.... my parents fave get away. 

It was bloody freezing, but by god it was beautiful. It always takes my breath away in Winter, as all the mountains are coated in pure white icy snow and it just looks beautiful. I used to dread going up to the country when I was younger, as it usually meant hard, intense, tiring hikes up all the peaks, but now I love going to getaway. 

Sooooo, we headed for our usual little town of Keswick and it was literally freeeeeezing cold, but bright sunshine... crisp and lovely. I spent the day pretty much looking around all the old charity shops, the Christmas markets and the sweetie shops, as well as scoffing my face with chips, chocolate, mulled wine and cookies. PERFECT DAY!!!

Christmas outing in the Lakes

I also bought an absolute gem from the Oxfam charity shop. The owner gave me a discounted further price (she obviously thought it was a piece of rubbish) but I LOVE it! I cannot wait to wear it over the Christmas period. 

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