Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Just dropped down in London town!

It's just been Halloween and this year, I decided to take a trip down to London to see my best friend that I used to go to uni with! I don't get to see her that often, so when I do, we make the most of it.
Me and my little Nommy back at University
This time, Naomi had so many plans for us, capturing every aspect of Halloween and bonfire night, wrapped into one glorious weekend. On the first night, we decorated her flat with pumpkin bunting, glow in the dark balloons, ghost tinsel, pumpkins and cakes.

Naomi had even made little "eye ball" cherries to put in our bloody drink (cranberry), as well as an amazing skull cake and glass cupcakes.

After decorating and munching, we began to look towards the night ahead. We were heading up to North London to a Halloween night at EGG! Despite the name, the club was really cool and played house music, with an edgy vibe to the place.
Needless to say we got in at 5am!

The next morning after croissants and tea in bed, while watching a few sneaky SATC episodes, we headed to central London for a quick look round Selfridges. The Christmas lights and trees were up, along with Christmassy feel visuals in the window. We had a quick wander around the perfume, spraying ourselves with different scents, before we stopped at Lola's for coffee and cake! Really cute with an American diner kind of feel! Not too expensive either!

We headed back to St Johns Wood, (where she lives) and quickly got ready for the evening we had ahead of us. We were all off to Ally pally for fireworks, fun and food.
It was amazing! Freezing, but amazing! We went ice skating, ate hog roasts, burgers and fries, drank hot chocolate with extra cream and mallows and snacked on churros with dippy chocolate.
The fireworks were literally the best I have ever seen. It might sound sad, but I got all dewy eyed at the finale. The music blared, baby you're a firework by Katy Perry, while thousands of people sung along, while there explosions of colour dancing across the nigh sky, while looking out onto the lights of London. It really was fantastic to be there.

definitely recommend you all go next year!
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