Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dream Creams

I think we can safely say we Winter is here. Its nearly minus degrees outside and I am literally freezing all the time. Luckily I can wrap up in dozens of woollen layers, but what about my skin? My face, hands and lips become very dry and sore this time of year, which is never a great look, especially with the party season right round the corner. I don't know what it is, but as soon as we bye to the sun, I say bye to my lovely soft skin. Well this year, I have been extremely prepared and have invested in some key cosmetics to keep my skin glowing throughout December! 

My Lips
There are some amazing products out there for your lips, some with a hefty price tag, but my remedy is pretty simple. 
I use an exfoliater twice a week to get rid of any excess dry parts. I usually do it while chilling in the bath, so I can leave the scrub on for 5/10 minutes after too. The one I use is from Lush. It costs £5.50, but it literally lasts all year. Plus if you return your 5 pots, you get a free product. I buy the bubblegum flavour, as it's so sweet and I can't resist licking and eating some of it. I love Lush products as it's fresh, natural ingredients. 

 Lip Scrub .... £5.50

                   Claudia Stevens Lip repair... £1.50

As well as using a lip scrub, I try and use a lip balm or moisture stick everyday. My favourite is the Nivea lip care pearly shine. Its £2.45 and really keeps my lips moist. It has a slight pink shine, so when applied it looks like a dusky pink lipstick! But sometimes, I want to wear a strong lippy for work, in which case, I make sure I use a lip cream over night to keep my lips moist like Claudia Stevens overnight lip repair. This is £5.99, but I get mine from Fragrance Direct for £1.50

My Face
When it comes to skin routines, we are bombarded with products. Cleansing, toning, moisturising, day cream night cream, ointments, gels, face masks, eye creams etc... but if we're honest No woman uses them all. But in Winter, our faces are forced to endure, bitter cold wind, freezing torrential down pours and icy chills. If your going to use one thing in winter, make sure it's a good product that keeps your skin moisturised, whether it an oil based ointment or a thick cream.

                               Simple... £2.50

 I use simple moisturiser daily and then three times a week I use a moisture serum, which is literally fantastic. It's from The Body Shop at £11, but you only need the size of a pea amount, so it will last a long time. Obviously try and ex foliate once a week, to get rid of any dry flaky skin, but my advice... invest in a moisture full serum! it really works a treat. My skin has never been so soft. It also helps if you wear a foundation that contains minerals and works with the oils in your skin, not dry it out. I use Mac liquid fluid and I'll never go back. 

My Hands
I think we tend to forget about our hands. We might moisturise our body and exfoliate, as we all know it helps with the fake tan, but our hands? We use them everyday for everything. They need a bit of TLC in Winter. Obviously if the weather is awful, I wear gloves to protect my hands (and because I'm freezing), but at work I don't and when I pop out or drive, I don't. The trick is to keep a little tub of cream with you in your bag. I use O'keeffes working hand cream at £5.99. I think it is supposed to be for people who work hard with their hands, not necessarily in an office, but its moisture rich and works a treat! 

OK, so I hope that's given you a bit of extra beauty knowledge and try these products. They're really good!!!!

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